Underwater by Anthony Valadez featuring Mar and The Park

The waves of the ocean always say something. It makes this calm, repetitive noise that takes you to a stoic state of consciousness. It opens up the mind and drags away all the worries of the day along with it. The unpredictable waters has this mesmerizing presence that just makes one want to dive in and be immersed into a deep well of peace.

Radio personality and DJ Anthony Valadez teams up with Dutch singer Mar and San Francisco’s The Park to take one closer to this liquidized form of reprise with his latest video “Underwater.” This song is just magical; it’s like an underwater castle of choice listening. The low-key vibe is reminiscent to the feeling of being transporting to another realm of inner peace when floating just above the water. The smooth words of Mar swims along steadily with the chill drum playing allowing the mind to enter a state of simple tranquility. Just like the ocean, the tune flows wonderfully in its own laid back flair. Let the waves of this song bring you to the sweet melody of the ocean and to its calming nature.


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