Circles by Hal Linton

I’m so excited to see this Bajan boy is back in the studio. Hal Linton is curating a fine design of audio pleasure with his new mix-tape Technicolour ready to be released this summer. Along with this delightful package, he’s just released a new video called “Circles.” The slow, intensity of the casual drums make a great base for the lovely vocals coming from Mr. Linton. In a modern day world,it’s hard for a young man to lay off the drugs of a seductive temptress and in this track, Linton tells his story. “I need you in my veins. And I’m overdosing you” he sings. He tries to stay focused on the music, but is unable to turn down the sexual predator prepared to take him away from his world and trap him into hers. I love how he mentions Brooklyn streets being the Brick city bred girl that I am. But I am a bit disappointed that I don’t hear even a dash of his Bajan accent at the start of the vid. In any case, I’m glad to see he’s back again.

P.S. The last minute sounds absolutely amazing. You can check out the rest of “Want You to Know” and more here.


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