Don’t Walk Away by Jade

You know when you hear that song on the radio; your shoulders start moving, your feet starts tapping and your body just moves on its own. Words escape your mouth as you try to sing along with the trendy tune. You’re in a state of musical euphoria as you feel the grooves escalate your mood. But then that moment comes when the song ends and you wonder “What’s the name of that song? It’s hot.”

“Don’t Walk Away” by Jade used to play heavy on the airwaves during the 90s and sometimes catches a little air time on the popular rhythm and blues stations today. I used to sing along and enter a dreamy mood of fun while I was on my way to my next destination and would definitely feel this way. The up-tempo beat plays along gracefully with their effortlessly smooth voices. It’s a hypnotizing rhythm that must have stopped traffic and caused riots of uncontrollable dancing back in the day. (If only that could really happen.)  From going platinum on their first album Jade to the Max, winning gold on their second album Mind, Body, and Song, and then also being the only group to have a BET listening party album released, I’m very surprised these women aren’t still around. But the easy-going, exuberant vibes of these ladies will always live on through the radio and through the fans that still stumble into their music once in while.

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