Sunshine by Little Dragon

As much as I love this band, I’m a little surprised by this. The Swedish group Little Dragon has released their latest video “Sunshine.”  The song stays true to their techno, synth pop sound that’s drizzled with the soulful croons of Ms. Yukimi Nagano, a charming mixture which can cross into the musical tastes of many. The desert venue also creates a cool, laid back ease to anyone listening to the tune. I’m just a bit perplexed as to why they teamed up with Absolut to endorse their new drink “Absolut Punch.” Their eclectic march to the real and free seems to contrast with the idea of promoting vodka. With most alcohol ads existing in major popular artist videos rather than indie, some fans would scream sell out. Yet, Little Dragon stood their ground and are still their same amazing selves we fell in love with in. I actually think it was a smart move for Absolut to collab with them because they’ve brought themselves away from the rich and high class to the down-to-earth and humble through the delivery of the video. It’s their way of selling to not only party goers, but to people who also want a much more relaxed vibe when they drink. The video may have its corporate backing, but Little Dragon growls again with their grace and flair.

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