Is Your Love Big Enough? by Lianne La Havas

She’s certainly grown from the girl who once thought of using her talent to join the cool club; she is the cool club. British songstress Lianne La Havas’s song “Is Your Love Big Enough?” is a great, upbeat turn around from her more sad but beautiful tunes from her new album of the same name. The sound of her voice is like the perfect music quencher in this enduring heat wave of just OK talent. I love how her voice rises tremendously in the chorus. It has its own dominating presence that demands excitement. The video really highlights her fun personality showing the world just how amazingly quirky, fun, imaginative and real this woman is. It energizes me to hear her music. Her album Is Your Love Big Enough? is out now on itunes, Amazon, and even comes as an exclusive vinyl copy. My ears are definitely big enough to let in all the La Havas sound it can take in. Just lovely.


Happy Friday the 13th!


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