Invincible by Lemar Okiba

This is a bit more alternative than what’s usually showcased here, but I couldn’t help but express how unbelievably amazing the video “Invincible” is.  British soul artist Lemar Okiba is superbly talented through his massive success and the incredible story telling skills he portrays in this new video. His Seal-esque voice vividly describes the beautiful tale of two long-term lovers fighting against the challenges of anything life throws at them. Two adorable playmates grow into a fun-loving couple untouched by the troublesome men waiting to end their unmistakable bond. The way the story line matched along with the lyrics pulled me into the song so much that I felt like a family member watching this union grow. All I need is some sound advice and a tissue for their wedding. Yet, this masterpiece of a song has an unfortunate ending leading me to want to slap some sense into the main lady. Let me know if you feel the same way after you watch the video for yourself.

The most successful artist to come out of a UK reality show (Fame Academy), Lemar will be releasing his fifth studio album Invincible this September in stores and digitally.


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