This Love is Sweet by LaToiya Williams

Where am I? This place is something else. All I see are belt bottoms, epic afros, and what is up with those outrageous heels? Hearing about the dynamic 70s for the majority of my young years makes me ache at not being a part of such an awesome decade. But the deliciously soulful sound of LaToiya Williams takes me back to this time of musical greatness. Her new song “This Love is Sweet” is simply hypnotizing. The track is like a sensual slide of grooves, her voice emphatically rising and lowering in all the right places. My feet will be doing a little two step to jump start the rest of my body to a few flavorful movements. The repetitive lyrics create a trance like emotion of what is so pure and so simple; the joy of being in love.

This single will be released on her upcoming E.P. KupCak’n (Lovely name). Produced by Nottz Raw, it’s the first to appear off of the album – her first in almost ten years. This lead song is also available via her SoundCloud page.


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