Adorn by Miguel

Miguel is an R&B innovator changing the game with his unique style, sensuality and silky smooth voice. He had heart’s stopping back in 2010 with “All I Want is You.” Two years later and women are still screaming from his mesmerizing presence. Like the sun in the sky, “Adorn” keeps the body healthy and the mind at ease. In fact, I’m practically melting from this melodic heat wave. Yummy, this song is so delicious; I’m drooling from its goodness. His voice just pulls me into a haze, sweltering me into its fiery sound as I lose all sense of control while letting the music move me. The doo-wop/futuristic hair cut is not a bad touch to the steamy comfort of his visuals. Get lost as Miguel effortlessly chooses to “Adorn” you.

This single comes from his most recent EP, Kaleidoscope Dream: The Water Preview. The extended version of an original release, it  can easily please any ear on to itunes for its available download. Check out his second EP, Kaleidoscope Dream: The Air Preview which features three additional tracks and the release of his sophomore album Kaleidoscope Dream in October. Such a sweet preview to what’s to come for this slice of cool and sexy.


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