Magic Look by Marques Toliver

Talk about some trippy sounds. Feel the vibrations of the sensational Marques Toliver in his latest piece, “Magic Look.” Classic sounds clash with a soulful force that bond in their contrasting nature to create something that’s wonderfully ephemeral and gentle. Always a lover for the violin, I’m going crazy over this beautiful musical hybrid. This Tallahassee bred, Brooklyn infused, classical phenom combines his quaint voice  with the light changes of the tune. His normally spiffy afro has been twisted and locked into some gorgeous looking box braids that cascade down his bare chest in the video. Light, colors, and mist weave together a faint cloth of substance creating a mystical playground for the senses. Stringing melodious harmonies using his wooden sound sword, Toliver creates this eclectic sound – and more like it – across the vast ocean in the talented diaspora of the UK. He speaks to the passionate and jumps out of the musical box to charm and bring the senses to various platforms. I can’t wait to hear more from this amazing artist.


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