Pressure by Rochelle Jordan

It’s weird; many of us think that greatness is a hidden gem only discovered when we’re on top. Happiness, confidence and all the emotions of the positive rainbow shower down on our thoughts when it comes to being something more than who we’re currently now. But reaching to the podium of greatness must be met first in the wells of darkness to better understand and mold one into a better being.

The sound of newcomer Rochelle Jordan has this quaint emo/R&B feel to it that’s marinated in the waters of sadness as it floats in a current cruising towards eminence. Her music is swimming in the rivers of dark, deep, and not so peppy. The Toronto bred artist wowed the music world last year with her mix-tape R O J O and is impressing R&B heads again with her unique and alternatively rich sound in her new album P R E S S U R E. Beats taken from the remedies of Drake and the emotion slightly reminiscent to The Weeknd, her sound lives under the tree of aching, powerful passion reaching out to branch off into the masses. With the mixing tricks of her producer KLSH along with her light and lovely vocals, this 90’s R&B drenched sound mixed in with Jordan’s own allure will bring many into the gates of the truly remarkable.

Download the sound below.


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