The Cool Sound of Jessie Ware

For someone who’s used to a particular sound, change wasn’t always so easy to adapt to. The sound that normally transfers me into a much needed mood won’t be able to do it so much once it’s transformed. But change is going to come for everything in life and my ears have greatly loosened up to a different tune. Now hearing a hybrid of music is like biting into an exotic fruit; it’s taste is surprising, but delectable all at the same time.

R&B’s new exotic fruit is Jessie Ware. She exudes a truck load of class, sophistication and elegance. This “British, middle-class, Jewish girl” has quickly charmed us all with her cool as a cucumber vocals cinched with a lovely mixture of R&B and pop soul. The former aspiring journalist was considering law school at one point in her life. However when a friend of hers encouraged her to sing back up vocals, it later led to her getting her feet wet in the challenging music industry she was once worried about breaking into. Her first album Devotion was released this month and has been penned as the link between SBTRKT and Sade. Her wonderfully graceful aura and crisp vocals will have my ears for months to come.



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