Brand New Me by Alicia Keys


This video would be perfect for all of those people hoping to change for the new year. It takes a lot of time, experience, effort, and dedication to be able to shed away the old flaws of the past. Change takes hard work, but when it happens it’s a beautiful blossoming for all the wonders just waiting to pounce into your life.

Alicia Keys evolves into a more supreme vision of herself (Although, I don’t see how; she’s already so perfect) in her new video “Brand New Me.” The single from her phenomenally successful album Girl on Fire is an example of the gorgeous gems from her treasure chest of valuable music. It starts of with her talented piano skills intertwined with her soft and lovely voice. Then it gains energy throwing out powerful jabs of intensity and harmony throughout. The height of the song is an explosion of emotion and personal strength bursting towards the listener’s ears. It’s a symbol of breaking away from the weak ones who keep us down from the expanse of our potential. But I think it’s also a stance against the negativity that resides within all of us. Ms. Keys speaks a tale of pulling away from the pessimistic forces that attempt to stop us from being the wonderful beings that we are; and she does this with the simplicity of a piano and of her amazing vocals. “Brand New Me” is the perfect melody for finding the energy to becoming a new you and for letting go of the muck in your life that’s keeping you from shining.

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