Keep on Walkin by Ce Ce Peniston


I love days when something sparks a nostalgic memory of pleasant times in the past. Warmth quickly takes hostage of my body leaving me as a happy prisoner to the old events that I will always treasure. These memories can be something as epic as graduating from high school or as simple as jamming to funky tunes during a trip to the mall. The smallest of things can bring back these memories.

It’s funny how watching an episode of the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” blew the dust off my brain and shed to light this classic tune from Ce Ce Peniston. “Keep on Walkin” embodies the soul of high energy, loose dancing and just pure joy. Be ready for a lip-singing frenzy while listening to this spirited tune. The vibe of the decade exudes from this hit. Ms. Peniston is classy, graceful and debonair with an enthusiastic twist. My energy is just jumping off the wall like a child on a sugar rush. During slow times, “Keep on Walkin”  is the energy drink to reminiscent memories and raw excitement.


Happy New Year. =). I hope 2012 was wonderful to all you great people out there and that 2013 will only be better. Thank you so much for checking out “The Heartbeat Life.” I hope it is good to you as it is good to me.

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