La, La, La, La by Ari Lennox


The fascination I get with watching this sudden explosion of creative web-shows on Youtube introduces me to a new venue for art. Not only am I able to swoon off of the authenticity of talent streaming from my computer screen; a lot of the time these shows have great soundtracks. Awkward Black Girl, RoomieLoverFriends, The Couple, Brothers With No Game and many others present great meet-and-greet sessions with their fans to some wonderful up-and-coming artists. A new love of mine Downtown Girls has brought my attention to a lovely artist by the name of Ari Lennox. As soon as my eardrums made a light handshake with her sound, I was magically brought to a night on the bayou with fireflies flickering over the calm waters. The romance and tranquil melody pouring into my presence elevate with the enticing lulls of Lennox’s sweet voice. The soft harmonies and delicate movements of her croons pull me into a magnetic mood of serenity. It’s a pleasure to make a musical acquaintance to Ari Lennox.

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