Folklore by Malik Champloo

This is something you do not see too much in Hip Hop. It’s mainly saturated with rappers selling their souls for the money addressing issues of plasticity that mean nothing. It’s rare to see an artist immersing himself in the genre for the goal of actually giving back. The younger generation can reap in the fruit of knowledge Malik Champloo has for them. This up and coming artist merges his love for anime with the strong influence of Hip Hop.

The torpid, mellow beat of “Folklore” can help anyone catch a breath in their busy lives and really ponder what’s going on around them.  “We need to think for a minute. Life is never short unless we rush towards the finish,” the chorus speaks. The aim of keeping his nephew grounded and off the streets is profound in this track. I can imagine him performing in front of an audience while they repeat the lyrics back to him. Those words will touch each and every heart in attendance. His message comes from a valuable place which gives it even more power and significance. I wish all the luck to this artist for I know he will do well with his art. Check out the video for yourself below.

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