The Diary of a “Young” Looking Adult

ImageAm I 16? No. But I definitely look so. The phrase, whichever way people may tweak it, can make me a bit queasy at times:

“You look so young.”

Yes! It is a compliment. However, sometimes the way people say it makes me feel either insulted or like they’re putting me down. One clear example is when I’m asked my age. Every time I’m asked, I cringe, reluctant to hear the response:

“No way.”

“You’re lying.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“You look 12.”

I know I look young. Not only does my face have a twinge bit of baby fat, but I’m also petite and have a soft voice. Looking in the mirror everyday is a daily reminder of the way I look. There are even days when I feel like I have my Gabrielle Union, Nia Long independent swag going on. I strut the streets feeling an aura of self-confidence. And then someone tears it down and tells me how adorable I look. =/.

It doesn’t help that I also work with kids. Don’t get me wrong, I love working with them. However, an adult who looks like a child may result in days of constant yelling and disrespect from her students.

I love that one day, I’m going to really relish in my family’s good genes. But now, it kind of stinks at times.

Yet, there is something I’ve learned about my youthful looks; it doesn’t stop me from actually being an adult.

I still live at home and I don’t exactly have a bunch of adult responsibilities to help grow in my gray hair prematurely. In a way, my parents still take care of me even though I make my own money and pay some bills. So as frustrated as I get, is it really so strange that some people see a child when they meet me?

The true sense of being an adult is a work in progress. This year has been a time of personal and spiritual growth for me. As I cherish my glows and work on my flaws, I’m growing more every day. With listening to others and learning from experience, the trek to adulthood is ongoing.

You may look straight into my eyes and find youth, but what’s staring back at you is maturity at work. I’m a woman coming into her own with every day that it takes. So despise the comments of my baby-like features, I am making strides for someone far beyond my looks.

For anyone else who deals with the “baby face” trauma of adulthood, I would love to hear more about it. Leave a comment down below.


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