Love is the Answer – Aloe Blacc

Music and education mingles, dates, falls in love and then creates a beautiful production together in Aloe Blacc’s “Love is the Answer.” The message in this video couldn’t be any more stronger. It tells the story of two brothers who face a different path in their high school journey after getting split up from their parents. One goes on to becoming a football great and gets accepted into college. Unfortunately, the other gets kicked out of school, turns to the streets and ends up in jail. It could have been better for the both of them if a little love and compassion was given.

This country is facing so many problems in the education system. But rarely do I ever see the media or anyone shedding light to the school to prison pipeline. It exists. I still remember watching kids in school getting suspended all the time. Eventually some would just disappear and you would never see them in school again. Love should always be the answer. Negative actions towards negative behavior just gives energy to the problem. The kids who act up have a lot going on and it’s not fair to just shut them out of an education that everyone deserves. Anyway, I could go on. Not only is the message in this video on point, but the beat has a nice groove to it as well. I love this video for combining my too loves of education and music. Aloe Blacc is not only an entertainer, but also an activist in bringing awareness to important issues in our society. I’m definitely a supporter of his music as well as his message.



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