I’m Not The Only One – Sam Smith

Ever feel like your brain might explode from joy upon hearing an incredible tune? It’s a phenomenon that’s not too common, but when it does happen it makes the world so much sweeter. Enter Sam Smith: A talented young man with vocals vivacious and dynamic enough to strengthen the pop/r&b bond. More artists are getting better at merging the genres, but Smith is a mastermind at it. My knees quake any time his zealous voice erupts through the airwaves on the radio. Imagine the sensation of glee I felt when I discovered Smith’s vocals are a part of the delightful equation of Naughty Boy’s “La, La La.” (Very late, I know. Don’t judge.) It’s hard not to keep your ears away from his ethereal sound.

His tune “I’m Not the Only One” is another pull towards light head banging heaven. The instrumentals are incredibly effective in combination with his eloquent voice. The lyrics pack a punch in emotional turmoil; They tell a tale of one’s devastating acknowledgement in not being the only “baby” in their lover’s life. “You say I’m crazy cause you don’t think I know what you’ve done. But when you call me baby, I know I’m not the only one” the chorus belts. Damn! That’s a stone cold mess. However, this story unfortunately is not singular only to Smith’s song bank; many face this same situation every day. The video is equally powerful in telling the tale of deceit. Hearing this makes my eyes well up a bit not just because it’s such a harrowing track, but also because Smith’s voice quakes with such raw intensity.





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