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Anyone with a blog loves to write. Well, MOST people with one do. I feel like all my energy goes into my writing when I produce content. Even if it’s something I know little about, but where I learn incredible facts, I still feel alive. However, I also need to make a living.

It’s so difficult finding a place to write quality content and get paid well to do it. I’ve tried internships where you basically have the role as a staff writer without the monetary perks. I’ve tried applying to countless websites and jobs looking for a place for my writing to shine. “Pick me. Pick me, my writing will kick butt,” I feel like screaming among the sea of leads. Application after application and all a writer gets is either a “We’ve received your application” email or nothing at all. However, the 5% of the time that I do receive a legit response it’s for a content mill, a writer sweat shop paying next to nothing for high quality content.

I wish I could throw my degree in their face and yell “I deserve better; every writer does.” Seriously, if they want to pay so little then they might as well do it themselves. I do understand more if the source is from a third world country. But there has to be an easier way for experienced writers to get paid well for their passion.

Believe me, I’ve done my research on getting paid well to write. I may have to work more harder on marketing myself as a content writer to businesses because that seems like the best outlet. One way I’m looking into now is using this wonderful place, The Heartbeat Life, to sell ads or links. I just don’t want this space to turn into a marketing ploy instead of a place for my writing to breath. People should enjoy the content here and not be spammed by annoying ads. However, I wouldn’t mind using related ads that visitors will like so I can pay some bills.

In the past week, I’ve tried using Matomy, SponsoredReviews, PaySpree, PayPerPost and AdSense. Honestly, I still feel lost using all of them. I’m trying to learn more about affiliate marketing, but I’m a confused voyager in this new world. I hope one day I’ll get more of a hang of it.



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