The Salon Bounce

Marie. Johani. Paulette. Terry. Do you know what all these names have in common? Each of these lovely people have been my hair stylist in the past year. Weird right? Personally, when I get used to someone, I get used them. I don’t like to wander around looking for new faces even if their doing a service for me. If my hair started falling out or if the prices became ridiculous, then I would not be returning to that particular hair care establishment. However, ever since I could remember, I never stayed with just one hair stylist. And there is one strong influence contributing to this factor: my dear mother.

She is a queen who must have the best of the best. When it comes to her garments, her humble abode, and her source of transportation, she looks for the finest in quality and style. So of course when she has her bi-weekly hair appointment, her tresses has to look tight. As a representation of her, it’s important I look my best too.

From being a preteen to now, I followed my mom to the various salons experiencing hair glamour which every woman is entitled to. Fingers would massage my scalp while also revitalizing my hair every two weeks. It’s pure pampering with a twinge of discomfort depending on the style you get (relaxers and sometimes braids for me). I’ve had half a lifetime of satisfying yet also unpleasant hairstyles.

In this year, my hair has transformed a bit more from the usual bob to a more asymmetrical look. However, it didn’t maintain that way from just one hair stylist. Marie was incredibly quick and knew the precise formula for creating great color and texture to my hair. Even so, my mother and I didn’t stay there long (At least not long during this year). Johani was skilled at creating fabulous body and curls for my signature bob. Although with her having an off day resulting in my mother not liking how it came out, we were off again. Paulette gave me great advice about a hair issue I was having. The service at her salon was also impeccable. They take your number and email; I love how they are on top of reminding customers about their appointments. You also always get the same hair stylist. Unfortunately, my mother did not like her hair one day and we were off again to stylist number four. Terry was a mastermind at the tresses using his hands to mold my hair into a luscious ensemble of curls.

As of now, this is where we are (or at least my mother). I’m honestly at a dilemma. Each of these salons has talented stylists with their own unique flair to taking care of hair. I’m not going to bounce around anymore like a ping pong. Seriously, I will get dizzy from the constant moving around; not good for my hair. Lol. But anyway, the one salon will come and I will stay there for as long as I can. Until then, I’m bringing out the shampoo and conditioner from under my sink to attempt to create hair glamour myself.

Marie’s work

2014-03-13 14.10.46

Johani’s work

2014-11-01 18.36.21

Paulette’s work

2014-12-05 16.19.24

Terry’s work

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