Travels From Brooklyn 2 Tokyo

I never thought it could happen. The electrical impulses in my brain never even processed the magnitude of how awesome the marriage of these two entities could be. But alas, Malik Champloo, the founder of Divisi6n, made it happen. The visionary MC smashed hip hop and Japanese culture into one event: Brooklyn 2 Tokyo. Brooklynites and dwellers from surrounding boroughs gathered at the Art Cafe in Brooklyn to witness an event to remember. Divisi6n hosted this eclectic journey for visitors to travel to the deep, thought provoking yet body grooving sounds of diverse artists as well as the cutesy, hype choreography of Kuro Pop.

My incredible cohost Rahmein “the Uncommon Gent” and I kept the crowd going at this superb fusion of the arts (BTW, this was my first time hosting. I was a little nervous, but it was so exciting.) Artists who graced the stage included Chazz Giovanni, S. AJay Ram, Mike Wilson and Malik Champloo. Between every act, the crowd listened to the choice grooves of DJ Triple Play and O.K. Drums. Everybody got to dance along or just view the enthusiastic ladies of Kuro POP dressed in their adorable cosplay costumes. Gamers got to test their skills of Super Smash Brothers in our first video game competition. At the end of this eventful night, a cosplay contest went down where contestants showed off their style in a pose off. BK 2 Tokyo was so hot, it was shut down early to fizzle out its flames of fun. Ahhh, I can’t wait to make that journey again. Definitely keep a look out for Brooklyn to Tokyo in the future; we will have it once every month.

Malik and gamers

Malik Champloo chilling with the gamer contestants.

Chazz Giovanni

Chazz Giovanni


Kuro Pop


S. Ajay Ram


Rahmein and I doing the cohost thing. =)


Sonic and Knuckles posing for the cosplay competition with 1/2 of O.K. Drums.


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