Chain Smoking by Rochelle Jordan

It’s crazy when you see a creative title for a song; one can’t help but wonder what it’s going to be about? When I first saw the title for “Chain Smoking” by Rochelle Jordan, I honestly had no idea other than it being about actual smoking. As much as I hate cigarettes, I knew there was something much deeper to the title. I’m glad to know I was right.

This low tempo, smooth track takes you to the struggles of reality with its honest lyrics. “That’s how they get the money; they treat instead of cure. All the sickness and diseases, we’re being forced to endure.” Wow! She really hits the nail on the head about how human beings are being thrown into this vicious cycle of hopelessness and despair. Through her feathery vocals, she swoons about a way of dealing with the pain: “light it up and blow our troubles away.” However, this way of coping can lead to a long term journey to death as she brings up how we’re killing ourselves. Jordan’s voice doused with the calming melody make the harsh truths of our Earthy home a little easier to deal with. However, it also makes you think……DEEP. Enjoy your journey through your own mind and through hers.



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