Divisi6n Fighting Game Championship League


Sometimes, I think it would be so cool to have my own championship belt. When I used to watch wrestling, I’d admire the bling emanating from the wrestlers after winning. Not only are they smiling from ear to ear, but they have some major gleam around their mid-section area. I’m not crazy enough to get in the ring, but it would be pretty awesome to earn one.

For anyone with the same dream, Divisi6n is making it a lot less physically painful to win a championship belt. At the Art Cafe next Saturday in Brooklyn, 100 contestants will put their skills to the test, but in the more fun video game realm. Gamers will battle it out in the most excellent game of Super Smash Brothers (I admit to being a major Super Smash fan =)). The grand prize will be $500 to spend at J&L Game plus an extra $500 to spend for yourself. And yes of course, the ever beautiful, the ever coveted Divisi6n championship belt. Is your Smash Bros Skills on point to compete? If so, come on down and win yourself the incredible belt as well as some spending cash for your pocket. It’s only $30 to enter. I may enter myself; a belt like that could look pretty cool around my waist.

For more info or to register, visit www.divisi6n.com.




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