What Happened and What’s Going On – The Walking Dead Review


For all of you wonderful people who read my blog, I have a confession to make. I LOVE The Walking Dead. It has me (and most likely many of you as well) hooked to my TV screen every Sunday night. It’s nothing like anything I’ve ever seen on television because of its brilliant writing, shocking surprises and complex characters. And for that, I would like to start writing about it here on the Heartbeat Life.

I would also like to let you know that I am writing for an incredible media collective called Divisi6n. Merging hip hop and Japanese culture, this group highlights the similarities between the two in fun, awe-inspiring ways from video production to events. Check us out here.

Enough announcements for one post; now on to The Walking Dead.

In all honesty, I was expecting the mid-season premiere to focus more on mourning Beth’s death and how to move on afterwards (Wasn’t everybody?). I was expecting it to be somber where we the viewers would relive what happened to our taken away too soon character. But of course, I failed to realize that you can never expect anything on The Walking Dead. Instead, my feet was pulled from underneath me and potential damage to the TV screen was very close as I almost threw a remote from the shock of what happened.

The crew decided to head to Richmond for the hope of sanctuary. Noah’s family had been staying in a community within a wooded area. Unfortunately, hope was sapped away long ago and was replaced with destitution and despair. The split group consisting of Rick, Michonne, Glenn, Tyrese and Noah took in the destruction of what was once a home for one of their own. Buildings were burnt, stray walkers were around and signs of life was non-existent. Noah broke down in tears so Tyrese stayed behind to comfort him while the rest of the group searched for supplies. However, the distraught young man ran off to where he used to live with Tyrese running behind. The two came in to discover a horrid scene of Noah’s dead mother on the living room floor. Tyrese leaves him in his grief to search the house. But he completely lets his guard down when he finds Noah’s brother dead along with some pictures of Noah and his brothers. The photos caught his spirit for a moment. However, they also stole focus from him as he got bit from Noah’s walker brother who was in another room somewhere in the house. Noah came into the room, stabbed his undead sibling with a toy airplane and left Tyrese to go get help.

The whole episode from then on had Tyrese battling between life and death. Ghosts from Walking Dead past haunted him – Martin (Terminite), Bob, Beth, Mika, Lizzie and the Governor of all people. The Governor and Martin were trying to push him into being a part of the chaos of life now which is just “being.” But Bob, Mika and Lizzie gently reminded him that everything would be OK now; it would be “easier” while Beth occasionally sang sweetly to him. The angels and devils on Tyrese’s shoulder gave the dying man a difficult choice. There was even a British voice on the radio like a news broadcast of all the horror going on in this world (Perhaps a symbolism for Tyrese’s conscious?) As he slipped in and out of consciousness, the group came back and cut off the bit part of his arm. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to save his life. After the group killed off some walkers and avoided some hacked body parts, Tyrese decided not to “turn back” in the rushed ride out. His walking dead angels assured him moving on would be best.

There’s still so much more to discuss about this episode; the blown up body parts surrounding the area, the groups’ decision to still head to Washington, and the fact that the beginning had nothing to do with the burial of Beth but of Tyrese. However, the main idea of this premiere was a brilliant play on Tyrese’s last exit on TWD. For sure, he will be missed; his departure was felt too soon. This episode was extremely surprising, but there’s one thing we all must remember to expect from this show; it will always take your breath away.

“It went the way it had to; the way it was always going to.” –  Bob




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