The Distance – The Walking Dead Review

Trust is not supposed to come easy. You can’t just give it someone and expect the best. People will disappoint you. They will drive you crazy. They will do things to make you not want to trust anyone. But that doesn’t apply to everybody. There are some on this zany planet that are actually kind, honest dependable human beings who deserve your trust. The tricky part is discovering who those needles in a hay stack are.

Rick Grimes in “The Distance” showed a strong level of distrust to the loner and seemingly pleasant Aaron. It’s normal courtesy to greet a new face with smiles and strong handshakes in many societies. But in the Walking Dead, one must learn to expect guns pointed at you and scowls when first meeting someone. And of course a pat down and seizure of your gear. In this episode, I kept thinking “Poor Aaron.” At first, I didn’t trust him either. But after a while, the alarms in my head started to quiet down when Aaron repeatedly kept showing he was an honest man. Rick didn’t trust the apple sauce he offered Judith. He didn’t trust that there was only one other person Aaron had with him. He didn’t trust him so much that he even put his group in danger by going to the safe zone Aaron spoke about at night. Even Michonne, who lacked so much trust when we were first introduced to her back in season 3, thought this guy was decent. Yet, let’s take a stroll back down TWD memory lane to Terminus. The group was separated and came together at what they thought was a new haven. Instead, it turned out to be a trap controlled by cannibalistic psychopaths hellbent on “fresh meat.” Of course, Rick has to use his discretion whenever new people come along. For the most part, they turned out to be insane. But he should also remember that some of those new faces he met along the way is the reason why he and his small family are still alive today.

We can make it together, but we can only make it together. – Glenn

In a car on their way to the new safe zone, Michonne asks Aaron “the questions” and that’s when they discover how Aaron has been listening to them. At this point for the next ten minutes, anyone watching would be either rocking back and forth at the edge of their seat or pulling their hair out (This condition happens at least once every other episode.) A herd of walkers is all around them. Glenn hits and runs many of them, but it drastically messes up the car. The whole windshield is covered in blood while under the hood is mangled with walker guts. The group sees a flare go off. Aaron bolts out of the car in panic and Michonne follows him as the walkers get closer. After some more nail biting walker scenes, Glenn who also didn’t trust Aaron as well, is forced to melt his guard down a bit once he reminds him of something he once said about survival: “We can make together, but we can only make it together.” They all find each other again in a sort of industrial looking area and we are treated with a new glimmer of hope in the form of love. Aaron and his lover Eric are reunited once again, but even that doesn’t lower Rick’s guard. Glenn convinces Rick that they’re not a threat. (Seriously, even now he still doesn’t trust him?) In the morning, the whole group makes their way to the Alexandria Safe Zone in an RV they found (Let’s never forget Dale. Glad they found a way to somehow bring him back at least in memory) I kept expecting something to leap out; a herd of walkers, a new group of enemies, a fire, a walker boulder, SOMETHING! But in truth, they have finally reached somewhere safe…..for now.

In some cases, I think Rick’s willingness not to trust others has kept them safe. His bold moves and smart decisions has kept the group as “survivors.” But even in this world, it’s important to trust sometimes. Not everyone is looking to manipulate you or have you for dinner.



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