Kid Gravity – Hip Hop is Dead

I’ve watched this music entity thrive and transform throughout my younger years. Hip hop was always a gift to my ears; the music practically woke me up to the world back in ’97. I will always have a love for it’s urban sound, truth and rugged beauty. But as I get older, the way it once was is just a memory that’s brought alive whenever we listen to the past. The art form seems to be on it’s last breath these days. MC Kid Gravity highlights the death of the treasured hip hop in his music video. “Everything is trap music, crap music,” ¬†Gravity remarks about our beloved hip hop. His bars are honest to a fault about how the art form is heavily doused in repetitive and addictive beats. He reminds of how it once had soul, but now it’s becoming more a synthetic, shallow shell left with only the minimal value of money, cars, and hoes. The Stairway to Heaven beat is excellent in how it matches Gravity’s desire to leave this current state of hip hop and also just the classic beauty of the tune. Pay an ode to the original essence of hip hop and listen below.


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