Fan Fiction Brings Out Epic Excitement to Inner Child

There are certain parts of my childhood that can never be forgotten. The first time I got stung by a bee, the first time I moved, the first time I played soccer in the rain were all simple memories that will stay ingrained in my heart forever. As much as I remember these moments, I also remember the images of what played across my TV screen. Family Matters, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Boy Meets World, Hey Arnold… I could go on. These shows were always able to make me laugh. But do you know what shows always got this former little girl ready to karate chop with her Barbie dolls in hand? Power Rangers and Dragon Ball Z. Watching these shows pretty much was a training ground for all the other action packed shows/movies I watched growing up. When I found out about these fan fiction versions of the two shows, the little Tiffy inside of me squealed for joy and karate chopped my stomach.

“The Power Rangers Bootleg” by Joseph Kahn would have actually terrified me as a child, but as an adult it is purely awesome. The plot is extremely realistic. The Rangers come off as these cool mercenaries who gave their lives to save the world. Each of them have their own personalities and incredible tales of who they really are. It’s not just the black ranger, but Zack the built thrill junkie who makes hip hop exercise videos and doesn’t bow down to fear. It went to the dark in bringing out a truly pragmatic story of death, betrayal and honor. I felt like I watched a full length movie in only 14 mins.

“Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope” by RobotUnderdog 2 was an epic homage to the original. It was ten times better than that nonsense Hollywood coughed up a few years ago. It was a phenomenal story of how Gohan and Trunks battled the powerful Androids who liked to play with human life. There was so much emotion layered out throughout the entire film. You could truly feel the devastation of what the world has become. The fight scene was so awesome. Especially when Gohan went Super Saiyan on Android 17. The story line was so enticing, I’m practically rocking back and forth in anxiety for the next episode; Little Tiffy would have jumped up and started running around the house performing fighting moves with her cousin.

Both of these fan fiction tales of Power Rangers and Dragon Ball Z brought out the epic fighter in my spirit. They both bring back the same excitement I once felt for these shows, but at a more evolved, intense level. I’m excited to see what else will come from the amazing RobotUnderdog 2 team and Joseph Kahn; the little version of me will greatly appreciate it.


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