“I Bet” by Ciara

It’s the “thinking out loud” moment many of us experience or in some ways may hope to experience. The jerk who treated you like the dirt under his/her finger nails has come crawling back. You’re in a brand new relationship where you’re immersed with what love should feel like. Affection is no longer a desire but a daily routine. Simple things like a phone call a few times a day and support to do well at work are a part of the norm instead of a distant dream. Now that life has become blissful, the storm cloud wants back in. Don’t get me wrong, you want to tell the a**hole to kick rocks. But for some stupid reason, your heart always has compassion and even love for this person who was once your whole world.

The lovely Ciara brings us back to this #smh situation in “I Bet.” Starting off with a Harry Potter like themed music box playing in the background, Ciara elegantly sings her tale over the low tempo beat. She skillfully combines a classy form of sexy with her graceful ballet moves. The fetal positions layered with her flowing outfits and honest words make for a quietly powerful track. “I Bet” reminds us of why it’s sometimes best to move on and leave the trash in the past.

FYI: Jermaine Dupri has accused Ciara of ripping off Usher’s “You Got It Bad” single from 2001 which he produced. Agree? Voice your opinion below.


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