Jill Scott – You Don’t Know

You know that feeling when you see someone again after a long time. A flush of emotion empowers your face muscles into a smile and a warm surge spreads across your body as you take in the embrace from this missed individual. Good memories flow through your mind like a rushing river while you catch up with this special person.

Honestly, the very second I clicked play on “You Don’t Know” by Jill Scott all those fantastic emotions emanated throughout my spirit. Her infectious soul enchanted me like it did when I first heard her single “A Long Walk” through her dynamic presentation. Ms. Scott looked like she was literally within the words she belted – the powerful thralls of that mushy L word we all desire have elevated her performance into something quite raw, honest and downright captivating. The soulful jazz sounds of the band marries effectively with her impeccable vocals. If you’ve been feeling a little flat lately, please take in the audio medicine of this delightful tune, it will surely lift your spirits.


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