Spotless Mind and Eternal Sunshine By Jhene Aiko

Close your eyes and imagine floating in a body of water. The environment around you almost disappears as you take in the quintessential peace embodying all five of your senses. Keeping completely calm, the water gently moves you a bit and rocks you into utter serenity. As it expands beyond you, it eloquently makes its transitions from calm to stormy. The qualities of one our most precious resources has its strength in how remarkably beautiful yet unpredictable it can be.

Some of the same delicate features can be said about Jhene Aiko. At least according to her tranquil tune “Spotless Mind.” In this visual, Aiko shifts effortlessly to different personas: a painter, a skateboarder, a race car driver, a dominatrix, a gothic gamer, an indifferent hood chick and herself. Her unchanged boyfriend tries to keep up but grows weary of her constant transitions. The lyrics match the dynamic of the video in how her changes make it difficult for her to stay settled. Like the transient nature of the sea, Aiko delightfully portrays it well in this video. The melody just soothes my soul; it’s the perfect remedy after a long day. Wander with Aiko below.

Right off the artistic presses, Aiko has a more fresh video out now called “Eternal Sunshine.” Just released yesterday, this more reflective and somber tune goes back to the memories Aiko has had with someone special she unfortunately lost. The video greatly paints a picture of the dire moments of what must happen to the soul once it leaves its body; cherish-able memories and slow ascension into the immensity above. Take a moment to reflect in peace to this beautiful melody below. I hope you enjoy this phenomenal package of self reflection and harmony.





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