Big Girls Cry by Sia

It’s encouraged to not show emotion when you’re pain. Sometimes society likes to tell you to suck it all up and ignore the bubbling volcano of sadness, anger and fear ready to explode after your heart rips in half. You have to move on and deal. It’s imperative. But keeping the ticking bomb of pain deep inside will only make the explosion much more dangerous to your self and to others around you. As independent women, we like to tell ourselves big girls don’t cry to maintain our strength. But one thing we must realize; our vulnerability is our strength. Allowing ourselves to feel is the most vital step in order to move on. The thick layer protecting our souls is only formed once we let the tears out to give way for emotional growth. Before I go on much longer, I just wanted to introduce another impeccable product from the illustrious songstress herself Sia in “Big Girls Cry.” The soft beat, Sia’s light vocals and Maddie Ziegler’s dynamic facial choreography make up one empowering statement of a video that exemplifies the reality of women dealing with very grown up issues who do cry.




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