Adoration of the Magi by Lupe Fiasco feat Crystal Torres

I’m absolutely in love with “Adoration of a Magi” by Lupe Fiasco. The beat is just cool and slow; it’s like walking into an epic evolution of his album The Cool. It takes you by the hand, spins you, dips you and leaves you feeling weak at the knees. And it’s all thanks to the velvety, smooth pah-pa-rah’s of Crystal Torres excellent trumpet playing as well as the dope instrumentals connected to it. Of course the ever intellectual lyricist Lupe Fiasco adds to this greatness with his diverse word flow in his eloquent message about a young woman absorbed in the dark niche of stripping and how she must rise up and recognize her queen-dom.

The video goes from explicit to innocent. The prudish will cover their eyes in the beginning while the thirsty will salivate from the raw display of curvatures shashaying up and down the pole in the Cheetah’s strip club. You wouldn’t believe who’s the audience of this show; attending you’ll see a nun, a priest and everyone else in between. However, they are not ogling her the way you would expect. At the end there’s a tunnel of flashing lights that lead to an adorable baby which will leave you with the itch to start baby talking to the screen. “Adoration of a Magi” is a journey to the surreal, yet cool entrenches of the mind of Mr. Fiasco. Explore below.

Warning: The following video has explicit content.

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