Get Right Back to My Baby by Vivian Green

You know that feeling of when butterflies flap excessively in your stomach every time you see that special person? Just imagine the moments when they first enter your presence. Everything around you disappears and you’re shrouded by their alluring scent, their magnetic touch, their intensifying smile. When you guys depart, a spark electrifies at the pit of your tummy reminding you of the magic you both created just by being together. Hours, minutes and seconds elongate as you anticipate the next moment of when you’ll see your *insert cute pet name.*

Vivian Green recreates this special feeling in her song “Get Right Back To My Baby.” Through this remix to a classic Frankie & Maze tune, Green’s effortless smile and energetic croons create a bouncing groove that will surely get you to the dance floor. Feel the magic below.


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