The Girls on Drugs by Wale

It’s taking over the lives of many. Not everyone falls victim to it, but when it gets a hold of you it’s hard to let go. It traps you and blinds your senses. You’re in a parallel realm tricked into thinking that you’re happy. Life has a surreal bliss unlike anything anyone can imagine. This false sense of gratitude is a plague on your mind and your health as drugs can take you on a roller coaster downward away from everything you could ever love.

Wale greatly highlights this reality in his new video “The Girls On Drugs” with three girls who in the beginning look like they’re just having fun at the gym, but their natural light gets much dimmer throughout based on their actions. He showcases the plethora of girls who go on Instagram fooling the thirsty sea of men into thinking they are workout goddesses when in reality they’re workout “junkies” who lavish in the attention of crude comments and horny men. This combination of social media, drugs and “exercise” is like a new form of prostitution – girls pimping out themselves for likes. Discover this internet reality below.



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