Cosplay Wonderland at Brooklyn 2 Tokyo

Wake up, get ready, go to work, come home, rest, repeat. This is a common daily routine most individuals complete on a daily basis. In most cases, no surprising changes makes a dent in the schedule. It can drain the creativity thriving within all of us without break. But once the weekend hits or one gets a day off from work, that creativity is let loose. It comes in all forms depending on the person. At Brooklyn 2 Tokyo this past weekend, a very vibrant form of that creativity was able to shake up the spirit jumping inside all of us.

The Art Cafe was the spot for various forms of artistic innovation to blossom. The lavish and detailed garments of some of the guests were adorned with their creativity as well as personality. Cosplayers joined us in our festivities of gaming, a raffle, performances and of course drinking (Cause what else do you do on a Saturday night! The Art Cafe had an intense combination of flavor and alcohol potency in their adequately named drink of the night the “Smash Bros Punch” =)). To begin the night, the cosplayers took to the stage to strut their authentic originality in a costume contest. “Kitana” (Mortal Kombat) and Rahmein “the Uncommon Gent” were the judges for this eclectic display. Joining us for the night was Sonic, Knuckles, Tobi, Black Ash, the Ram and Deadpool. They all did their thing showcasing their diversity through costume. But Alas, the Ram took the grand prize due to her stellar arrangement of floral and brilliant makeup.

The night went on as Rahmein (The Real Mike Wilson?) and the lovely Mio Soul hosted as the awesome fest continued. While some enjoyed the delights of the bar and others showed their skills in the form of rapid button punching, the performances intensified the feel good vibe emanating the place. Sarup Ajay Ram took the stage and gave us a little taste of his excellent word play. Then the sweet Mio Soul cooled the vibe and rocked with us through her soulful croons. Mike Wilson graced the stage with an equally electrifying performance. His catchy, relateable music was easy to sway along to while taking in the immensity of some just issues. (I loved hearing “Sleepy Hollow” live). Malik Champloo provided an explosive performance through his 45 min set. The music and crowd blended together in a harmonious way as everyone sunk into the fortifiable punch of inspirational tunes. After Champloo, Ajay and Mio Soul pumped the crowd up once again with their energetic grooves and swoons on the stage. To close out the night, a gaming competition ensued where controllers were bumped to see who was the best in the latest version of Street Fighter.

All in all, it was a truly excellent night. Brooklyn 2 Tokyo – a truly joyous escape from the mundane routine of the work week. Please escape with us once again at the end of the month in May. Until next time!

Peep this amazing video that pretty much sums up the night!

2015-04-25 22.16.04 2015-04-25 22.41.26 2015-04-25 22.42.34 2015-04-25 22.43.37 2015-04-25 22.47.10 2015-04-25 22.53.53



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