Happy to be Back on the Moon: Sailor Moon Crystal

Growing up with a Barbie Doll in one hand and my cousin’s action figure in the other, I was kind of a mash between being a girly girl and a tom boy. When I discovered Sailor Moon, it was a blessing for me. Think about it? Girly girls who kick a**. I was so in love with the show. Do you know how ecstatic I got when I learned about the show’s reboot “Sailor Moon Crystal?”

Like the original, it’s about five girls who represent different solar entities meshed with different personalities that come together to save the world. Watching the show, I can’t help but relate to some of these female heroines. But alas, they are all equally amazing. I love how Sailor Moon brings these diverse women together even when their peers either ignore or ostracize them. The show displays great camaraderie and loyalty to protecting what holds dear to them. The only thing I dislike is the fact that Tuxedo Mask always has to save Sailor Moon. He’s a pretty cool character, but I feel like the show is going back to the original man saves woman formula most entertainment has catered to for centuries. And in most of the series, he has no powers. So that is definitely one tid bit that has always perplexed me. Otherwise, this show is pretty dope. Even in adult Tiffy form, I am free to mingle between the realms of being a tom girl and girly girly because of shows like this. I will be binge watching this some more as soon as I get the chance.



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