Cute With A Twist – Kianna Mare Fashions

Most of us know how it feels to long for the perfect outfit. While shopping, you’re tense and your eyes shift from side to side searching for the “one” that will satisfy your wardrobe. Your feet slowly glide the ground in anticipation for what you’ve been waiting for. When you’ve found it, you can finally exhale. Your eyes bug out and then twinkle along with the curvatures of your mouth forming a smile to create the perfect package of joy. You did it! That gorgeous outfit you’ve been searching for for weeks is finally in your grasp.

For me honestly, it’s difficult to gain that moment. The right attire is always a needle in the haystack. But upon looking at fashions from young upcoming designer Kianna Mare, I’ve definitely fallen in love. Her line evokes fun and flirtation with an edge. My favorite is her salmon colored shawl adorned with a white lining. It looks perfect to sink into on a chilly evening, but still rock on a date or an evening out with friends. She also has a stunning collection of sophisticated and chic evening wear. More of her designs look ready to be worn by the masses. For any woman who wants to feel feminine with a kick, K. Mare fashions are for you. Dare to end your search for the perfect look by checking out her incredible designs.


Kianna Mare herself in my favorite shawl.




Check out more of Mare’s fashions here.


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