Mike Wilson’s Birthday Bash Divisi6n Style – Brooklyn 2 Tokyo

Movers and shakers traveled from across NYC to the Art Cafe in order to participate in the montly event like no other, Brooklyn 2 Tokyo. For the month of May, this particular B2T was extra special due to everyone celebrating the one and only Mike Wilson. A beautiful day it was indeed – the sun was shining, smiles were a mile wide and the energy was so good you could bath in it.

Street Fighter 4 was wide and live on a projector for everyone to see in the outdoor area. Gamers got the chance to show their stuff to conregators, and everyone else in Clinton Hill. Against the dark, majestic blue sky, Street Fighter never looked better.

While gamers put their passions to the test, a vast array of eclectic pupils zoned in on this house of cool. People enjoyed drinks and conversation diverging on topics from the ever growing cosplay community to the unique qualities of a good drink while DJ Triple Play spinned a bumping mix of hip hop and Kia Sleet sketched an incredible portrait of Malik Champloo.

Inside is where an inner glow of fun was set for everyone in place. First we all sang a great, big mushy birthday tune to the man of the night, Mike Wilson. To witness the strength and growth of this man and his music has been an honor over the past few years. His tenacity, positivity and drive has been an inspiration to the members of Divisi6n and to many others. I, as well as others close to him, were brimming with admiration to be celebrating Mike who has done so well in his endeavers. We are definitely all happy and proud of him. =).

After we all sung a song, Wilson’s best buddy and the CEO to all this greatness Malik Champloo greeted the stage with his explosive performance of “Akira” as well as favorites “Ikki the Reaper” and “Phuket.” Next up was birthday boy himself delivering an enticing show of his singable hits and some delightful treats including “Madison Square” from his latest project A Real Hero. The remarkable collection of talent Freedom Scott and the Avengers took the stage afterwards. This fusion of hip hop, jazz and rock created a dynamic atmosphere for the closing of the night. But of course, the true icing on this spectaular cake was the surprise cypher between all three MCs Freedom Scott, Malik Champloo and Mike Wilson. To fully close the evening, the lovely Mio Soul spinned a most excellent selection of tunes for the audience to groove to.

Art, culture and music was thriving at the Cafe that night. As usual, it was the place to be on a Brooklyn evening. If you missed out, be sure to get your butt in the building at the next one and have the time of your life.






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