Melancholia by Vince Grant

I could never truly understand how it feels to be depressed. But I can imagine that it’s like a powerful force sucking you into darkness. You struggle with all your might to pull yourself out but the more you attempt, the more energy you lose in which you become emotionally listless and lethargic. Being depressed sounds exactly like having an illness; it’s slowly eating you alive until one day it’s just too much too handle. Not too people like to talk about depression. But singer/songwriter Vince Grant pushed past this illness enough to create a positive production of musical expression. His single “Melancholia” is an honest ballad about his dismal relationship with the illness. Grant is in a realm by himself victim to the merciless grasps of depression. His candid words and simple guitar playing resonate with the millions out there stuck in this state. Listen below if “Melancholia” is a part of your life some of the time or all of the time.

“My Depression is Always Trying to Kill Me.”


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