Edge up Your Swimwear with Beware

Looking to catch some rays before the summer sunset makes it’s last goodbye? Embrace your inner growl with Beware Swimwear. These alluring water garments are sure to keep you ready for the enticing presence that is the beach. Designed by Minouche “Mimi” Pericles, her line dives into the waters of edgy and daring with a slight aquamarine twist. If you take a step into these edible-like swimwear, your curves will thank you from the high waist, flirty comfort that will embrace the sexy you. I myself decided to try out the latest from the tribal print swimwear and found it quite comfortable. The ensemble will put a little vibrancy to match the welcoming touch of a day in the cool ocean water. Be aware of Beware Swimwear and check out some of Pericles fun designs below.


The Dragon from the Summer Night 2014 Collection


The Shark from the Ocean Waves Spring/Summer 2014 Collection


Birds Flock to Piece, a design currently on sale

2015-08-20 15.50.30

A vibrant tribal piece straight from her collection

2015-08-20 15.45.16

Check me out! =)



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