Here by Alessia Cara

Thank you! Finally a song that gets me. Seriously though, for all the girls (or even guys) who aren’t so socially bubbly. The specimens who recoil at parties and cringe a bit at the idea of being wildly open with others. For the humans out there who huddle into a corner quietly bobbing to the music while filled with anxiety about being around a bunch of strangers, feeling invisible and having the urge to feel at least a little mental intimacy with another at a shindig, this song is for you. “Here” from Alessia Cara is a testament to the socially awkward or what I like to call a “shy butterfly.” Her cool vocals truthfully belt out the sheer experience of partying without “the party” thriving from inside one’s spirit. It’s easy to accept and to relate to her tale of being one among many in a thirst driven zone for a good time. Check out this dope record below and remember that regardless of where you are or who you’re with, you are most definitely an important component to the energy around you.

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