Evolving (Poetic Tiffy)

2015-04-08 16.43.36

Here’s a little something I dreamed up while on the train. Hope you enjoy:

It’s a feeling in my spirit.
A strong force pushing it’s way forward
Out, but not in; spreading in a flow
Ready to take over my everything

Like the metamorphosis of a butterfly,
These moldings run through me
They highlight an integral step in this journey called life

This force keeps me up at night, keeps me going, keeps me growing.
A lackadaisical Tiffy is not the Queen professed in her ever changing prophesy

For this power is allowing me to evolve, to shed off old ways,
and become the woman God has destined me to be

Tell me, are you ready to take this journey with me? For this
is only a path for growing and becoming

Say I have no need for those who stray in old skin.
This strength emboldens my spirit in keeping me shining
like I was always meant to.


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