Sunday Sessions – RKHTY

The energy of the 90s is so embraced within the realms of “Sunday Sessions” that it makes me shiver. Goosebumps from the flashbacks of dudes walking down the block with boomboxes come alive through just the first listen. That as well as chills from the relaxed vibe of self expression and an exhilaration from the strong message of how wonderful it was back then to just be who you are. Let me exhale for a moment – this collection of sound is almost too dope for words. But let me try to put it in some anyway. RKHTY greatly incorporates the cool of this era. Her flow makes you feel like it’s 96′ all over again. Laugh and groove to the singles as if you are in the room with her when your ears take in the skits. Out of the seven lovelies from this group, my top picks are definitely “True Love” and “Friday Night” – jamming grooves that evoke a bubbly nostalgia of choice memories. Head to the spot and just kick it with this nice little slice of heaven.



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