Moment of Bliss

2015-10-22 17.01.44

A picture I took during traffic as I was going home on the Hutchinson River parkway

This music has me caught up as I’m doing paperwork. It is mentally pulling me away from reality and transporting me back to a moment. When driving down the Hutchinson River Parkway this past fall, there was this arrangement of beauty colorfully surrounding me. It was a magical sight in how each leaf was layered on the trees stretching out into the open abyss.  The variation of orange, yellow and red hues made you want to become a part of it. While driving, there was also usually many cars on the road. However there are moments on the Hutch where everything sort of becomes surreal. Serenity envelops as more and more cars disappeared and all that matters is you, your ride, your music and the smooth curves of the road.

This moment of bliss was brought to me by Chris Brown’s “Autumn Leaves.” The epic tranquility of the tune is laced in light, slow instrumentals and the feathery pitch of his vocals take me back to the peace of driving on the Hutch.

For anyone reading, what moment, activities or events have given you or give you a moment of bliss? Please feel free to share below.




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