About Tiffy


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I’m Tiffany, the voice behind Heartbeat. I’m a writer just doing what I love with no regrets. Writing is part of my blood so turning my back on it would be the worst thing to do. So the best thing to do would be to embrace this part of me and express it. I hope you enjoy yourself within this space. May it bring you joy, understanding, relaxation, or whatever it is that you’re looking for. Let the music be your Heartbeat.

This blog is meant to serve as a haven for people interested in this beautiful music entity. Neo-soul just floats through my ears as a blessing every time I hear it. I love all forms of music. I’m also very into hip-hop, some pop, old school, techno, alternative rock, some classic rock, and anything that sounds good. Each genre has it’s own personality that presents well with the listener. Yet, this genre just speaks to me the most. I love it for life. It embraces and warms my soul; all I want to do is show the world how much I appreciate this music and share the love with other enthusiasts.

Discussions about relationships, inspiration, love and any means of life will also be a part of this blog. Everyone goes through something in life, so I believe it’s important to discuss it and find the lessons of it all. The message felt within each song and every singer described in Heartbeat explore the different aspects of what this world can give us. Allowing ourselves to open up will only help the heartbeat of every individual to grow stronger in understanding.


  1. Hello Tiffany,

    Is there a way to send you the debut single of a neo soul artist out of Dallas, Texas by the name of ANDE’? Her single has been getting attention around the world.


    1. Thank you. Self-expression is a need for every individual. I intend to take full advantage of it. Lol. Yes. These are main types of music. Just trying to show it a little love on this blog. =)


    1. Awww thank you. That’s the way I wanted it to be: a place of calm and relaxation. It might be the theme too though. Lol. I hope you enjoyed yourself here. Thank you so much for visiting and please come again. =)


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