Fresh Music Friday: Vibin’ Out With (((O)))

Moment of Inspiration: Every Friday, (I will try my best with school taking over my life.) the Heartbeat Life will feature dope music we think you should check out. I have been discovering some incredible music just this week. It will warm my heart to share the auditory love with you.

This week: FKJ – Vibin’ Out With (((O)))

Begin to effortlessly feel at peace; the vibes in this track are fly enough to keep you afloat. Drift off into paradise with this smooth rapture of solace; the singer’s light croons will gently rock you to a realm of joy. I love this connection between FKJ and (((O)). I hope you enjoy it too.


Konkrete Big Apple by Shea Face

You know those moments when you are just hanging out with your homies. Cows could be falling out of the sky and an orange pig could be the supreme leader of the free world. But who cares when the vibe is just right while surrounded by some pretty dope people. Shea Face captures the excellence of chilling in his single “Konkrete Big Apple.” The MC invites us into a space in Brooklyn that evokes a “That So 70s” feel, but is garnished with some dope melanin personas, light energy, and a bit of his truth. “The Squad” comes together and reach a mental high through herbs and lyrical nourishment. SoSoon adds an extra slice of “nice” to the overall necessary positive vibes present throughout the video. Sit back, have some “yams and greens,” and chill out to this lyrical food.

Unstoppable by Lianne La Havas

Trust, this video will have you thinking about your significant other or your crush. You will literally feel the warmth of their comforting touch as the tune melts into your membrane and the “Lianne La Havas” effect begins. You know what I’m talking about right? Comfort and joy intertwined in an effortless leap of pure bliss is the formula for this desirable feeling. I want this song. If you could get me this song, I will love you forever. The low, cool tempos of “Unstoppable” will have you feeling like you’re walking on air. Watching her seamlessly dance will make you want to join her while her soft, cotton like croons will only magnify the sensation to get up and move. Be “Unstoppable” in all that you do this week and enjoy the video below.

American Oxygen by Rihanna

As I’m watching “American Oxygen,” by Rihanna it suddenly stops, showing a static “error video playback” message, but then starts back again even louder this time; maybe it’s a sign for how powerful this song must be. After completing the video, I now know how powerful it is.

If you’re living in the United States, you know how hard it is to truly breath here. I’m not just saying literally, but emotionally, mentally and psychologically, it’s difficult to inhale the toxic fumes of hate and injustice that fills the air here on a daily basis. I almost feel myself becoming numb to the news although there’s always that surge of shock that goes through my system every time a young black man dies at the hands of the police. I commend Rihanna for making this song because it highlights the dire issues that have become America while also comparing the ones of the past. It shows that things have not changed too drastically within the past 50 years. “Every breath I breathe chasing that American Dream. We sweat for a nickel and a dime, turn it into an empire;” there’s so much truth to those lyrics. Breathe in “American Oxygen,” below.

Adoration of the Magi by Lupe Fiasco feat Crystal Torres

I’m absolutely in love with “Adoration of a Magi” by Lupe Fiasco. The beat is just cool and slow; it’s like walking into an epic evolution of his album The Cool. It takes you by the hand, spins you, dips you and leaves you feeling weak at the knees. And it’s all thanks to the velvety, smooth pah-pa-rah’s of Crystal Torres excellent trumpet playing as well as the dope instrumentals connected to it. Of course the ever intellectual lyricist Lupe Fiasco adds to this greatness with his diverse word flow in his eloquent message about a young woman absorbed in the dark niche of stripping and how she must rise up and recognize her queen-dom.

The video goes from explicit to innocent. The prudish will cover their eyes in the beginning while the thirsty will salivate from the raw display of curvatures shashaying up and down the pole in the Cheetah’s strip club. You wouldn’t believe who’s the audience of this show; attending you’ll see a nun, a priest and everyone else in between. However, they are not ogling her the way you would expect. At the end there’s a tunnel of flashing lights that lead to an adorable baby which will leave you with the itch to start baby talking to the screen. “Adoration of a Magi” is a journey to the surreal, yet cool entrenches of the mind of Mr. Fiasco. Explore below.

Warning: The following video has explicit content.

Big Girls Cry by Sia

It’s encouraged to not show emotion when you’re pain. Sometimes society likes to tell you to suck it all up and ignore the bubbling volcano of sadness, anger and fear ready to explode after your heart rips in half. You have to move on and deal. It’s imperative. But keeping the ticking bomb of pain deep inside will only make the explosion much more dangerous to your self and to others around you. As independent women, we like to tell ourselves big girls don’t cry to maintain our strength. But one thing we must realize; our vulnerability is our strength. Allowing ourselves to feel is the most vital step in order to move on. The thick layer protecting our souls is only formed once we let the tears out to give way for emotional growth. Before I go on much longer, I just wanted to introduce another impeccable product from the illustrious songstress herself Sia in “Big Girls Cry.” The soft beat, Sia’s light vocals and Maddie Ziegler’s dynamic facial choreography make up one empowering statement of a video that exemplifies the reality of women dealing with very grown up issues who do cry.



Yoga by Janelle Monae Feat Jidenna

Janelle Monae is going in a more beat heavy, shake my booty, and twirl my hair direction in her new tune “Yoga.” This song reminds me of when Musiq Soulchild came out with “Radio.” I was pissed at first due to the crunk induced change in its beat. But sometimes one must realize that artistic individuals will go through various venues and routes to express themselves. Besides, this beat truly is HOT!!! Monae still brings in a spirited fierceness of individuality and freedom about movement with a quick flow from upcoming artist Jidenna. I can’t wait to see the visuals. Check it out below!