Spiritually Full Through La’s

The other day, this past Wednesday, I had an influx of feelings. Both positive and negative. I had so much on my mind, but I can’t remember it all now. Anyway, I was on one of the green line trains heading to 125 St for class and this song from Ari Lennox came on my Spotify playlist. Let me tell you about this track; it immediately lifted my spirit. It sent me somewhere (as most good music does); a destination of paradise. It doesn’t bombard you with too much sound all at once. It is gentle. The light instruments guide you into a place where you are quietly embraced by the soothing power of Ari’s voice. Her croons jump and play with the background sound making a beautiful introduction to the ethereal magic produced later on. Close your eyes and let “La La La La” emanate your spirit. I forgot I was underground, in the subway while listening to it. This tune makes time stand still in a moment of serenity. After a long day going back and forth from Harlem to Midtown, when I turned on my music again to head home, there it was again recreating that same dominating feel of tranquility. I wrote about this song before, but it is all deserving to receive some nods once more. When I hear this track, I know that I am love, peace and light; it fills me. Please check it out and let me know what it does for you.

P.S. Also check out one of her more fresher tracks, “Night Drive” as well as other tunes from her latest album PHO. It is also a pretty dope listen. =)

Musical Love Match!


Ahhhhhhh love. It’s a chased after emotion that bring out both the best and the worst in all of us. We fight, cry, scream, but also smile, laugh and take in the essence of someone who causes our hearts to beat ten times faster than normal. At times, it’s difficult to describe the wonders of what love can bring. However, there have been many different musical artists who have been able to do just that. Here on the Heartbeat Life, we have complied a short list of r&b artists who beautifully mesh together and who have made us swoon over their creative gift of capturing love into their sound.

Chris Brown and Tinashe/Sevyn Streeter: Chris Brown has had many different collabs with a variation of artists whether it be David Guetta or Tyga. However, he has also made beautiful sensual music with R&B newbies Tinashe and Sevyn Streeter that take us on a fun ride of love. In “Player,” the chemistry between Tinashe and Brown is so evident, you would fan yourself from the sizzling fire between them. But based on style, innovation and tone, Streeter and Brown also make a dynamic duo in their pop induced, rhythm and blues flavored sound.

Avant and Keke Winans: Don’t even get me started on them. Their voices together is the definition of love. Their earth shattering sound in “First Love” brings back or even creates the insistent stomach activity of butterflies fluttering around at the first signs of the most desired four letter word in the world.

Usher and Alicia Keys: Their song together will always have you thinking about your first. Cherished memories are uncovered when listening to “My Boo.” One can’t help but reach out their hand and have it drenched in the wake of warmth from that person who started it all.

Tamia and Fabulous: Though Fabulous is a rapper, this combo just gives one the feels. Every time it comes on and Tamia starts -“I think you’re truly something special. Just what my dreams are really made of. Let’s stay together you and me boy. There’s no one like you around,” it makes me want to melt into the floor from just how “fabulous” this tune truly is.

Usher and Monica – OMG!!! Do you remember that episode of “https://www.youtube.com/embed/r9WxDQSnAcU“>Sister, Sister”? Yes!!! Let’s take it back. This track “Slow Jam” is a classic which will stay imprinted in the our hearts in how much of  a sweet musical masterpiece it is.

There are many more like R.L. and Deborah Cox or Justin Timberlake and Beyonce that leave an imprint in our brains for how these artists intertwine their incredible voices to make magic. Over the last few years, the art form has made its transitions. However, we will never forget the tunes that reminded us of what love feels like.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!  Hope you are all spending it with those you love or by spending time loving you.



Usher – Yeah featuring Lil Jon

It doesn’t matter how old this song is, it will get you on your feet. Sometimes, I like to honor those classic hits of the past and this is DEFINITELY one of them. “Yeah” from Usher featuring Lil Jon and Ludacris was the ultimate party anthem of the early 2000s. Coming from his unforgettable album Confessions, this track had the rhythm to get even the most rigid wallflower moving uncontrollably on the dance floor. It had – and still does – life everywhere. The enticing beat gets you in an incredible mood to engage with every intricate element of it’s entirety – One can’t help but dance, sing and do all forms of movement to this Usher tune. Dust off your A-Town stomp, muscle, thunder clap, and rocka wave and check out this classic below.

Forest Hills Drive Album Review

As a writer, I appreciate a great story teller; J. Cole is a rapper born to tell a story. From his first mix tape The Warm Up, I fell in love with his raw honesty on “Lights Please.” Such a deep brother is a nice inhale of fresh air from the smog filling my soul on a daily basis from the crap on the radio. And it’s not just me. People are loving this renaissance of “realism” in our music. The other day, I was watching his video for “Crooked Smile” featuring TLC. It’s truly an uplifting tune, but I was actually paying more attention to the video. Commenters on YouTube (Best believe that there is ALWAYS a fight in the comments section) argued that the visuals had nothing to do with the lyrics which I actually agree with. But here was J. Cole retelling a true story about a man getting arrested for selling a dime bag of weed. But that’s not the real heartache. The cops stormed into his house like it was a drug raid, arrested him, and shot his daughter on her birthday when they saw her peeking out from her room. He leaves us with this at the very end: And Please Reconsider Your War on Drugs. It had me scratching my head like what does that mean? In the comments section, two people were having an intense discussion about the war on drugs. One spoke about a documentary called “The House I Live In.” I found it on Netflix and was mind blown about what’s really going on in the prison system. It’s terrible and is practically a legal form of genocide. The point I’m trying to make is just from checking out J. Cole’s video, my mind was able to expand; my conscious was taken to another world. It opened me up to a new issue I never thought twice about. J. Cole really makes you think and I respect him so much for that. I listened to Forest Hills Drive the other day and just felt I had to write about it. For anyone who’s a fan of his knows it came out last year, but it’s better late than never right?

When listening to Forest Hills Drive, imagine sitting right across from Cole. You’ll see the emotion spread across his face as he lets you into his past, his dreams, his fears, his life all in an hour and six minutes. Feel the acne and butterflies from teen years rise up when tuning in “Wet Dreams.” This time warp of a track takes us back to two teenagers, young Cole pretending to have “experience” and a young lady who is indeed inexperienced facing intimacy for the first time. It’s so cute it will make you blush; Oh what the imagination of a young man will make him do. In “Adolescence,” he literally shares the thoughts of his teenage self – a shy guy wanting more out of life. He almost gets into the drug game, but his wise “mentor” wakes him up and reminds him of his own potential. The lone wolf cries combined with the slow beat take my senses to the cold fence he was once perched on in this self awareness tale.

“A Tale of Two Cities” and “Fire Squad” go into the desperate minds of the cunning living in a land where trying to survive is not enough. His flow in “Fire Squad” has my head bobbing so much I might be tempted to drop some F bombs at random in the street with my arms pumped up. Side Note: I do not curse. I love the message he relays from the middle to the end about how rappers are always talking about who’s the best instead of waking up and realizing who’s taking their sound. He further goes in to say that we are all kings; we shouldn’t “cling to the need for power….Today I know we are the same…….we’re all poets, cause deep down inside I know we all just want to be loved.” #Truth.

The very next track brings the mood down from high intensity to cool grooving in “St. Tropez.” The low tempo collection of drums, violins, a saxophone and the dreamy lulls of the chorus can teleport you right to the beach. Now only if it could literally do that, it would be the dopest song EVER. “Role Models” has such a HOT beat. “Don’t save her. She don’t to be saved. Don’t save her. She don’t want to be saved” – Damn, this song really has me going. It speaks a depth of truth about some (not all) women in our society who are just “lost.” And of course “Apparently,” his hit single from this album, is one of my favorite tracks to listen to right now. His realization about the integral people in his life, including the one who carried him for nine months, is both refreshing and uplifting to listen to.

I could literally write about every song on this album, but I will stop here. Forest Hills Drive is an astounding package of the exemplary electrical impulses going on in that pink mush of his. It makes you dive into the deep waters of adolescence, surviving in the game, gratification for loved ones and self awareness. It’s a true testament to what conscious music is all about.

Next Life Time by Erykah Badu

When we’re lucky enough, love finds us. Once it grabs us for a wild ride, we want to hold on as tight as we can. But the roller coaster of love takes some for a real dip when someone else comes into the picture. Your heart is split when there’s two trying to own it. The lovely Badu takes on this journey in her classic track “Next Lifetime.” She sticks to the first man who has her heart, but offers the other another chance in a different world, a different time. The gentle sway of the light beat plays along with her pleasing rasp of a voice. It tells the story of the chemistry that erupts from her other even though the flames of her current haven’t been put out. Many have claimed to be gripped by this confusing situation. Listening to it in her eloquent form can ease the memories just a bit.

No More by Ruff Endz

It’s here again. Sweltering hot days, air conditioners buzzing stories above you and the delightful whiff of blossoming flowers in the morning are a part of this time of year. Ahhh, the summer is upon us and I’m ready to reap up it’s heated goodness. Along with the longer days and opportunities for the beach comes the songs of summer. Within almost every block, you’ll hear someone blasting the season’s latest tune. This year, we have a few great hits just waiting to sizzle. But today, I’m going to take you back to one song that rang joyfully in everyone’s eardrums. “No More” was the jam back in 2000. For anyone who may have forgotten, here’s the video below to refresh your memory. And as for myself, I’ll remember to stay on a shopping limit for sandals and maxi dresses for the next few months.

Scribbled Paper by Little Dragon


I’m a fanatic for anything than induces peace into my atmosphere. Anything that transports my state of mind from chaos to comfort is what I need at the end of a hectic day. Listening to “Scribbled Paper” by Little Dragon does just this. The last track off of their self-titled album just epitomizes serenity. This jazz flavored, enrichment of sound has me floating among the clouds. The light hints of soft cymbals ooze a wonderful sensation of paradise. Yukimi Nagano’s surreal high notes dance a passionate ballet around the partial synth rhythm. It just speaks to me on a high level of absolute eloquence. Dip into this lovely river of transcendent sound below.

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Remembering Whitney

Note: I wrote this post a little over a week ago, but my computer was having connection problems where I was and it wouldn’t post. I have better connection today, so please enjoy. =)

Yesterday, it was a year since Whitney Houston surprisingly left our world. Her untimely death was a shock to many all over, but her memory and vivacious spirit left it’s print in the pieces of us that find the happiness in life. She was a sensational woman and shouldn’t have been taken away from us in such a way. Her legacy will never die and it will keep alive the extraordinary gifts she gave to us all through her voice. Thank you Whitney for presenting the world with your God given talent for so many years. For I am sure you’re in a wonderful place as we remember your tremendous spirit.

Keep on Walkin by Ce Ce Peniston


I love days when something sparks a nostalgic memory of pleasant times in the past. Warmth quickly takes hostage of my body leaving me as a happy prisoner to the old events that I will always treasure. These memories can be something as epic as graduating from high school or as simple as jamming to funky tunes during a trip to the mall. The smallest of things can bring back these memories.

It’s funny how watching an episode of the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” blew the dust off my brain and shed to light this classic tune from Ce Ce Peniston. “Keep on Walkin” embodies the soul of high energy, loose dancing and just pure joy. Be ready for a lip-singing frenzy while listening to this spirited tune. The vibe of the decade exudes from this hit. Ms. Peniston is classy, graceful and debonair with an enthusiastic twist. My energy is just jumping off the wall like a child on a sugar rush. During slow times, “Keep on Walkin”  is the energy drink to reminiscent memories and raw excitement.


Happy New Year. =). I hope 2012 was wonderful to all you great people out there and that 2013 will only be better. Thank you so much for checking out “The Heartbeat Life.” I hope it is good to you as it is good to me.

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Too Close by Next

When my ears were first entertained by this joint, they were completely in ecstasy. My body would jerk in a somewhat rhythm frenzied performance feeling the grooves and an elevating boost of joy. “Too Close” by Next was just one of those songs truly making the late 90’s so remarkable and so unforgettable. Yet, when my naive and Christian ears really got a whiff of what RL Huggar, brothers Terry and Raphael Brown were really saying, I couldn’t help but feel a liter of guilt. Still, the tune is registered as an iconic hit for sending the feet to the dance floor with the more noticeable up and close body to body action.

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