Dry Hair, More of a Scare


So I am a huge Walking Dead fan. (In fact, check out this vid of me talking about it with the awesome crew on Drinks with Geeks) Well I watch it every Sunday when it comes on. No one can interrupt me after 9 pm. No texts. No calls. I prefer that whatever urgent thing you have to tell me it can wait until either a commercial break or when the show is over. I can wait for the tea; the suspense of Rick and the group dealing with Negan is way more cray. I am also really into the follow up series called Fear the Walking Dead. It finally came back to kick off season 3 this past Sunday. My buddy reminded me and I almost forgot (I know. I should be ashamed). Anyway as 9 o clock approached, something else strange happened. It was a horrifying thing I myself have been dealing with. I usually try to push it out of my thoughts and deal with it the best way I can. However, that night it crept up on me like an annoying mosquito. A chill went down my spine while the thought possessed my mind. It took over my conscious making me ignore the most important thing on a Sunday night. I was being taken over, but I could not stop it. I had to know how to fix my problem. I had to find a way to combat my dry hair.

Yes people, dry hair. I have been dealing with this horror for months. Naturalistas gave me advice on how to keep my hair from being dry. Moisture is key they said. Deep Conditioning is important they said. However, after deep conditioning my hair once a week, my hair always eventually became a dry Brillo pad. I love my kinks and you must nurture what you love; I must continue nourishing my tresses. The itch for understanding took over this past Sunday and I missed the first seven minutes of Fear the Walking Dead. (Side note: It was an incredible episode. Please check it out if you have not. We got the gift of two.) I started looking up my hair type – a search I completed about a year ago but was still not completely sure at the time. A dope site called Black Naps had a quiz which helped me learn that my hair type is…… drum roll please………4b.  I learned that my hair type shrinks up to 70%, benefits from protective styles like buns, twists and braids and requires a lot of moisture, continuous deep conditioning and gentle cleansers.


Through more research, the goddess at NapturallyCurly showed me the light in understanding why my hair is a Brillo pad. In an article about moisturizing your natural hair, the author of the site Lisa wrote about the importance of understanding your hair’s porosity which is how open your cuticles are on your hair shaft. Low porosity means that your hair is not getting enough moisture while high porosity means your hair is getting too much moisture. There was a link that led to a test in discovering your hair’s porosity. An adventurer at heart, I had to continue the quest in creating moisture for my kinks. As Travis was going through hell in fighting for his family, (Bit of a spoiler but you still need to watch to find the goods =p) I went into the kitchen to get a glass of water. The test: I had to put a strand of my hair in the cup to see if it sunk. If it sunk, my hair has high porosity. If it floated, my hair has low. As I sat back down to continue my show with the cup in hand, I sent a mental message to my hair follicle; “Little buddy, I am depending on you to help me understand you. We’re all rooting for you. I know you can do it.” I put the glass on a surface and placed the hair strand in the water then waited. While Fear the Walking Dead continued, my kink peered up at me as it stayed on the surface. A few minutes went by and it was still chilling at the top.

Discovery: my hair has low porosity. After all this time, now I finally know. The article  went on to explain how to care for the both high and low porosity hair which for me is with buttery products and oils like jojoba oil and coconut oil. The quest in understanding my kinks continues. I plan to try some butters and oils this week and see how it may help my hair. Though I loved the premiere of Fear the Walking Dead once I was able to fully focus, the fear of dry, brittle hair is far more scary. These now brown red, tapered kinky coils that sprout up from my scalp are a representation of who Tiffy is; I must honor, respect and treat them with care.


Remember – The Walking Dead Review

Change is a challenge. It’s never easy to get used to something new. When we “snuggle our toes” into a certain situation, we become comfortable. Once that blanket of comfort is gone, it’s difficult to adapt at first. For our group on The Walking Dead, we see start to see that their “blanket of comfort” was looking over their shoulder every second, evading walkers and going days without food or water.

In the episode “Remember,” the group attempts to settle into some new territory. Aaron welcomes them into the Alexandria Safe Zone. After all the time they spent in the wild, fresh towels and friendly faces are foreign to these nomads. Aaron introduces them to the zone leader Deena. She seems very pleasant, however, she video tapes 1-on-1 meetings with Rick and the rest for “transparency.” The meeting between her and Rick was almost like a game of the minds; a chess match in peeling away the layers of weaknesses and strengths. I’m honestly not sure we can trust her yet; she was once in office before it all went down. Let’s not forget the other person who went by a political title on the show. Anyway, everyone gets their own house. Rick enjoys the simplicity of taking a hot shower and finally shaves off that hairy beast that was growing on his chin. Shaving was symbolic to him in letting go of all the crazy he left behind those safe zone walls. Of course, the crazy still finds a way to sneak in somehow. Rick keeps the whole group in his house just for safety precautions for the first night. He also can’t sleep well at night and got nervous when Carl and Judith disappeared for a minute. They were just visiting some of the residents there. Speaking of Carl, the teenager finds it difficult adjusting to being around others his own age. (I honestly wish Beth could have been there too. It would have been great for her. In fact, I feel the same for most of the people they lost. =( ) One day, they’re keeping walkers from getting into their barn during an epic rain storm and a few days later, Carl is playing video games; it’s like a warped reality. He even tells his dad that they mustn’t stay weak. Later on, they have a father and son bonding moment in which they take on a bunch of walkers together.

The others adjust in their own ways. The most stand out is Carol and Daryl. Carol appears to completely fit into her new surroundings. She even tells Deena about missing her late abusive husband and wanting to be a part of the community events. It seems kind of strange, but at the same time, it could be her way of surviving and adapting to her new home. Daryl on the other hand is the complete opposite. He refuses to take a shower (I would throw him in the tub myself if I could.), he never took a tour of the place, and has avoided meeting the people of the safe zone. It appears Daryl is already prepared to leave. The apparent safety of their current abode is not comfortable at all for the man with the crossbow, but we’ll see how they all settle in the next few episodes. Most of the people we see residing there seem pretty cool. The only idiot is definitely the Mayor’s son Aden. The group now has their own jobs and Glenn of course gets to do runs, something we all know he’s talented at. Aden and this other jerk take Glenn, Tara and Noah out for a place they already cleared for practice. What they didn’t tell them was that they had their own walker pet that apparently went missing. When they discovered the walking corpse pet, Aden got mad when Glenn killed it. It almost killed Tara but he didn’t care. The idiot got a rightly deserved punch to the face when they returned. Glenn tried to take the high road, but this guy was too much of a douchebag and tried to punch him first. In the end, Rick was assigned a position he should be familiar with; Sheriff, and Michonne was assigned as his deputy. While the group gets used to their possibly temporary home, Rick says something that takes everyone by surprise.

 You should keep these gates closed. Because it’s all about survival at any cost. – Rick

Living a life of security is normal for us watching the show, but it’s strange for the TWD survivors. Witnessing our beloved characters react to their new home is almost like watching animals who were once wild and free struggle to adapt in a zoo. Hopefully, they will be able to feel the comfort of the Alexandria Safe Zone, but also be ready to “pounce” when s**t hits the fan because we all know it will.

The Distance – The Walking Dead Review

Trust is not supposed to come easy. You can’t just give it someone and expect the best. People will disappoint you. They will drive you crazy. They will do things to make you not want to trust anyone. But that doesn’t apply to everybody. There are some on this zany planet that are actually kind, honest dependable human beings who deserve your trust. The tricky part is discovering who those needles in a hay stack are.

Rick Grimes in “The Distance” showed a strong level of distrust to the loner and seemingly pleasant Aaron. It’s normal courtesy to greet a new face with smiles and strong handshakes in many societies. But in the Walking Dead, one must learn to expect guns pointed at you and scowls when first meeting someone. And of course a pat down and seizure of your gear. In this episode, I kept thinking “Poor Aaron.” At first, I didn’t trust him either. But after a while, the alarms in my head started to quiet down when Aaron repeatedly kept showing he was an honest man. Rick didn’t trust the apple sauce he offered Judith. He didn’t trust that there was only one other person Aaron had with him. He didn’t trust him so much that he even put his group in danger by going to the safe zone Aaron spoke about at night. Even Michonne, who lacked so much trust when we were first introduced to her back in season 3, thought this guy was decent. Yet, let’s take a stroll back down TWD memory lane to Terminus. The group was separated and came together at what they thought was a new haven. Instead, it turned out to be a trap controlled by cannibalistic psychopaths hellbent on “fresh meat.” Of course, Rick has to use his discretion whenever new people come along. For the most part, they turned out to be insane. But he should also remember that some of those new faces he met along the way is the reason why he and his small family are still alive today.

We can make it together, but we can only make it together. – Glenn

In a car on their way to the new safe zone, Michonne asks Aaron “the questions” and that’s when they discover how Aaron has been listening to them. At this point for the next ten minutes, anyone watching would be either rocking back and forth at the edge of their seat or pulling their hair out (This condition happens at least once every other episode.) A herd of walkers is all around them. Glenn hits and runs many of them, but it drastically messes up the car. The whole windshield is covered in blood while under the hood is mangled with walker guts. The group sees a flare go off. Aaron bolts out of the car in panic and Michonne follows him as the walkers get closer. After some more nail biting walker scenes, Glenn who also didn’t trust Aaron as well, is forced to melt his guard down a bit once he reminds him of something he once said about survival: “We can make together, but we can only make it together.” They all find each other again in a sort of industrial looking area and we are treated with a new glimmer of hope in the form of love. Aaron and his lover Eric are reunited once again, but even that doesn’t lower Rick’s guard. Glenn convinces Rick that they’re not a threat. (Seriously, even now he still doesn’t trust him?) In the morning, the whole group makes their way to the Alexandria Safe Zone in an RV they found (Let’s never forget Dale. Glad they found a way to somehow bring him back at least in memory) I kept expecting something to leap out; a herd of walkers, a new group of enemies, a fire, a walker boulder, SOMETHING! But in truth, they have finally reached somewhere safe…..for now.

In some cases, I think Rick’s willingness not to trust others has kept them safe. His bold moves and smart decisions has kept the group as “survivors.” But even in this world, it’s important to trust sometimes. Not everyone is looking to manipulate you or have you for dinner.


Them – The Walking Dead Review

Hopelessness: That’s what loss feels like; that’s what it feels like to lose someone. Your spirit is in an everlasting pain. When it first happens, it’s like a giant hole has swallowed you up and you’re forced to deal with the weight of the darkness. It’s hard to pull yourself up out into the light. However, the love from those who care about you and the thrill of life keep you from getting lost forever. In The Walking Dead, I can’t imagine how hard it must be to lose someone and to continue in this new flesh eating world. But the group carries on despite how tremendously hopeless life has become and still manage to find the light.

After losing yet another member, the group carries on shrouded in despair, exhaustion and hunger. Everyone is torn about losing both Beth and Tyrese, but Maggie, Daryl and Sasha appear to carry the grief the most. The episode starts off with Maggie crying behind a tree to only get interrupted by a walker. She stops her moment in solitude to stab him in the brain and goes back to her time alone. Later on in the episode, the group comes across some cars. Maggie finds a walker who sort of resembles Beth tied up in the trunk of one of the cars. She closes the trunk, but gets the key stuck in the lock. She’s visibly upset about finding the Beth-a-like walker. Glenn helps her open the trunk, takes out the walker himself and consoles her.

Throughout the episode, you see Maggie struggling, but Sasha deals with her grief by not dealing. As they were walking down the stretch of road, some walkers caught up to the famished crew. Half of them they sent falling down a nearby ravine, but the rest they took out the way they know best. Michonne warned Sasha not to fight in order to keep her from making any grave mistakes due to her grief. But fighting is how Sasha survives. Her two loved ones who kept her human, Bob and Tyrese, are now gone. Sasha even quickly took down some ravenous dogs to feed their empty stomachs. She appears strong, but I’m honestly just waiting for her to break down; crying is a part of the healing process. In fact, I hope she does. Thankfully, Daryl actually did break down and cry after he walked off by himself. But just before the stream of tears, he used a rather toxic method to deal with his grief by pressing a burnt cigarette into his hand. He returns to the group like nothing happened. I’m also concerned about how he will deal with his grief in the episodes to follow.

“This is how we survive – we tell ourselves we are the Walking Dead.” – Rick

The three of them close up whenever someone tries to talk to them about what happened. But their restoration of faith seemed to return after the incredible scene in the barn. The skies open up and the rain finally pours just after they turned down a strange gift of filled water bottles in the middle of the road from a “friend.” After finding shelter in a nearby barn, Rick shares with them a remarkable story about his grandfather during the war in which he pretty much says you must pretend to be dead to survive. As the rain comes pouring down, a herd of walkers come knocking on the barn doors. Daryl, Sasha, Maggie and then the rest of the group pushed against the doors whilst the crashing of thunder, rain and aggressive walkers outside. Remarkably, they survive the night and the walkers are all torn, dismembered and are no longer a problem for our survivors. (BTW, this whole scene was one of my favorites throughout the series.) Maggie opens up to Daryl and Sasha and in return they open to her. But as Maggie and Sasha are enjoying a nice moment outside with the once broken music box Carl gave to Maggie earlier in the episode, they encounter a new friend or a possible new threat in the clean presence of Aaron.

In “Them,” the group copes with the loss of more members in their own ways, but still come together to make it just one more day in this horrid land. They learn another lesson on what it takes to survive and how to carry on further just to live another day even with the hopelessness of loss lurking around the corner.