Wild Things by Alessia Cara

Alessia Cara embraces the utter joy of being young in her new vid “Wild Things.” The days of just kicking it with your homies doing random activities and ending up in places you never dreamed of is some of the highlights of the #YOLO crowd. Cara takes her kindred spirit, and other like-minded ones, on a fun filled journey in this energy filled visual. This songstress with her sultry croons over the light up-tempo beat reminds us of the pure joy of being young and of being just a little wild. There’s truth to everything she says, especially the ending as well. Enjoy below.



Edge up Your Swimwear with Beware

Looking to catch some rays before the summer sunset makes it’s last goodbye? Embrace your inner growl with Beware Swimwear. These alluring water garments are sure to keep you ready for the enticing presence that is the beach. Designed by Minouche “Mimi” Pericles, her line dives into the waters of edgy and daring with a slight aquamarine twist. If you take a step into these edible-like swimwear, your curves will thank you from the high waist, flirty comfort that will embrace the sexy you. I myself decided to try out the latest from the tribal print swimwear and found it quite comfortable. The ensemble will put a little vibrancy to match the welcoming touch of a day in the cool ocean water. Be aware of Beware Swimwear and check out some of Pericles fun designs below.


The Dragon from the Summer Night 2014 Collection


The Shark from the Ocean Waves Spring/Summer 2014 Collection


Birds Flock to Piece, a design currently on sale

2015-08-20 15.50.30

A vibrant tribal piece straight from her collection

2015-08-20 15.45.16

Check me out! =)


I’ll Remain by Little Shells

“I’ll Remain” by Little Shells is a great musical testament to strength. The slow, movements taking place from the instrumentals and Conchita Campos’s lulling vocals are a transformation into a veil of vitality topped off by grace. The San Francisco native does a wonderful job of blending her mystical croons with the light dance of orchestral pop from the soulful musical collective. This song makes me think of the crashes of the ocean – her voice stays steady against the waves of instrumentals – pure beauty at it’s best.

Feeling Myself by Nicki Minaj Featuring Beyonce

Oh is it a good day to be on Tidal! Nicki Minaj’s video for “Feeling Myself” featuring Beyonce was released today on the subscription service. The “I Woke Up Like This” inventor plays with her thuggish side along with the Rapping Barbie on the rugged self-love track. The teaser will have you craving for burgers and swimming pools. The thirst is real. Check it out below.

Miss me?

It’s been too long. How y’all doing? You know, there’s something missing sometimes. I want to write, but I need inspiration; a muse to draw me into the blank page and color it with vivid words. I have the desire cawing at me every day. It nags me like a love sick child crying for attention. I want to write. I need to write. But life always locks me away from my freedom to express.

I can not tell you I will be back here every day. But what I can promise you is that I will try. Whether it be once a week or once every few weeks, by golly I will try. The characters spilling out of my fingers now are already making me feel a little giddy. I’m feeling a little tipsy from my writing return. I hope I get to experience this much more often. And I hope to experience you too. Be well and I hope you stop by for a visit again.

Happy New Year btw. Welcome to 2014!

Dirty Laundry by Kelly Rowland

Darkness rushes over this sullen track like quick sand. “Dirty Laundry” by Kelly Rowland does a complete 180 on the usual perky, upbeat sounds embedded into her sound. The tragic tale of an abusive relationship is uprooted after years of masked silence. Rowland introduces her fans to the horror of drowning under the hurtful hands of someone she once loved. I, for one, am glad she pulled herself out of the painful relationship. Under the shadow of her “sister” Beyonce while keeping this anguish to herself, Kelly Rowland still managed to rise up as an astounding young woman. Check out the video below.

Heroin by Nuff*Said


I don’t usually post any rap on here, but I had to share this with everyone. Up and coming artist Nuff*Said opens the doors of his mind to us for 3 mins with his knowledge in “Heroin.” The dream like repetitive beat floats under his lyricism about his daily grind with a Biggie hook. “Every Day I wake Up, Every Day I Wake Up” is a line that pounces into the tale of this Bed-Stuy native. His creative word play describes the ups and downs of his day in the hood. At the end of the day, his reward is his high. Get lifted in this musical mist of “Heroin.” Check out his upcoming mix-tape Thou Art H.A.T.E.R. 


The Heartbeat Life: M.I.A

It’s been too long of a time since I’ve written in here. For the past few months, I haven’t been updating HBL as much. Things have been progressing in my career, so I haven’t had the same time I used to for blogging. But even as things pick up, I will never turn my back on the Heartbeat Life. Blog posts may be scarce, but I will never shut it down. I will try my best to pick up on the posting. I love writing here. It brings me so much joy expressing my love for music. I only hope those out there in the blogsphere who pass through my page have enjoyed my musings almost as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them. I hope 2013 has been good to you so far and I hope things will only get better for the Heartbeat Life.

Pressure by Rochelle Jordan

It’s weird; many of us think that greatness is a hidden gem only discovered when we’re on top. Happiness, confidence and all the emotions of the positive rainbow shower down on our thoughts when it comes to being something more than who we’re currently now. But reaching to the podium of greatness must be met first in the wells of darkness to better understand and mold one into a better being.

The sound of newcomer Rochelle Jordan has this quaint emo/R&B feel to it that’s marinated in the waters of sadness as it floats in a current cruising towards eminence. Her music is swimming in the rivers of dark, deep, and not so peppy. The Toronto bred artist wowed the music world last year with her mix-tape R O J O and is impressing R&B heads again with her unique and alternatively rich sound in her new album P R E S S U R E. Beats taken from the remedies of Drake and the emotion slightly reminiscent to The Weeknd, her sound lives under the tree of aching, powerful passion reaching out to branch off into the masses. With the mixing tricks of her producer KLSH along with her light and lovely vocals, this 90’s R&B drenched sound mixed in with Jordan’s own allure will bring many into the gates of the truly remarkable.

Download the sound below.