I Would Like by Zara Larsson

I question why so many songs today choose to sample from the 90s. Nah! I’m trippin.’ It’s clearly because we’re all obsessed with the 90s. There have been some excellent re-dos to the oldies hits. Some of them should have been left alone however. This track is not one of them. Zara Larsson’s “I Would Like,” is not a bad version of the classic reggae tune “Dat Sexy Body” from Sasha. I could never forget the days when that tune used to bump through the East Flatbush windows of my old building as an itty bitty kid. Zara throws her millennial flavor into it creating a House/dance vibe sort of separating from the whining culture this beat originally ensued. It is nice to hear this tune again – and it’s not so bad hearing it in this 2016 twist. I bet this song will be on heavy base throbbing into the ears of 20 somethings at 11 pm on a Friday night. Anyway, let’s enjoy this track however you like to receive it.


R&B 90s Nostalgia

My vision is blurry as the world around me has changed. Guys are rocking a straight, high top fade like the Fresh Prince. Women are walking proud in their baggy, colorful attire. Everyone seems to have this easy going confidence expelling from them. The sound emanating from my computer suffocates me with nostalgia and I become lost in a memory. When the three minutes are up, the environment goes back to the 2014, fast paced reality of what it is now. Then I find the next 90s tune on Youtube, hit play and I’m back again. I’m not exactly depressed about being brought back, but every time I enter the 90s it’s hard to want to come back. I was barely four feet at the time, but it was a period that I can never forget. Every single movement proves important when watching a Dru Hill video. The instant burst of joy jumping under each ounce of my skin when my ears get a bite of Janet’s “That’s the Way Love Goes” is perfection. Not saying I want to stay in the past, but there is nothing wrong with visiting every once in a while.

Too Close by Next

When my ears were first entertained by this joint, they were completely in ecstasy. My body would jerk in a somewhat rhythm frenzied performance feeling the grooves and an elevating boost of joy. “Too Close” by Next was just one of those songs truly making the late 90’s so remarkable and so unforgettable. Yet, when my naive and Christian ears really got a whiff of what RL Huggar, brothers Terry and Raphael Brown were really saying, I couldn’t help but feel a liter of guilt. Still, the tune is registered as an iconic hit for sending the feet to the dance floor with the more noticeable up and close body to body action.

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Pressure by Rochelle Jordan

It’s weird; many of us think that greatness is a hidden gem only discovered when we’re on top. Happiness, confidence and all the emotions of the positive rainbow shower down on our thoughts when it comes to being something more than who we’re currently now. But reaching to the podium of greatness must be met first in the wells of darkness to better understand and mold one into a better being.

The sound of newcomer Rochelle Jordan has this quaint emo/R&B feel to it that’s marinated in the waters of sadness as it floats in a current cruising towards eminence. Her music is swimming in the rivers of dark, deep, and not so peppy. The Toronto bred artist wowed the music world last year with her mix-tape R O J O and is impressing R&B heads again with her unique and alternatively rich sound in her new album P R E S S U R E. Beats taken from the remedies of Drake and the emotion slightly reminiscent to The Weeknd, her sound lives under the tree of aching, powerful passion reaching out to branch off into the masses. With the mixing tricks of her producer KLSH along with her light and lovely vocals, this 90’s R&B drenched sound mixed in with Jordan’s own allure will bring many into the gates of the truly remarkable.

Download the sound below.

Don’t Walk Away by Jade

You know when you hear that song on the radio; your shoulders start moving, your feet starts tapping and your body just moves on its own. Words escape your mouth as you try to sing along with the trendy tune. You’re in a state of musical euphoria as you feel the grooves escalate your mood. But then that moment comes when the song ends and you wonder “What’s the name of that song? It’s hot.”

“Don’t Walk Away” by Jade used to play heavy on the airwaves during the 90s and sometimes catches a little air time on the popular rhythm and blues stations today. I used to sing along and enter a dreamy mood of fun while I was on my way to my next destination and would definitely feel this way. The up-tempo beat plays along gracefully with their effortlessly smooth voices. It’s a hypnotizing rhythm that must have stopped traffic and caused riots of uncontrollable dancing back in the day. (If only that could really happen.)  From going platinum on their first album Jade to the Max, winning gold on their second album Mind, Body, and Song, and then also being the only group to have a BET listening party album released, I’m very surprised these women aren’t still around. But the easy-going, exuberant vibes of these ladies will always live on through the radio and through the fans that still stumble into their music once in while.

Can We Talk by Tevin Campbell

Strolls through the park, laughing for no reason or those quiet spans of time weave together the language of romance in a budding relationship. Hearts, dandelions and bunnies are some of the common cuddly elements that seem so sweet and breathtaking when Cupid’s arrow has turned your world upside down. But how do two love birds get to this surreal place? The first steps to the land of love isn’t quite so easy, but once one makes that first move of communication, it all eventually comes together.

The classic heart-throb “‘Can We Talk” brings back moments of reason as to how a blossoming union first begins. The luscious voice of Tevin Campbell used to make my knees shake – and it still does. His cute boy charm, his velvet-like croons and even his baggy threads once upon a time would cause me to just melt into the floor. The arduous task of talking to a girl was a planned out gesture that took real care and honesty in the hopes of at least getting her name. The dips and jumps of Campbell’s enticingly pleasureful voice could be all he needs to get more than just that. Now, can we talk about how this tune just makes my heart dance?

You Remind Me by Mary J. Blige

Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. The Mary J. Blige  jam “You Remind Me” has my head jumping on a trampoline of uncontrollable movement right now. The queen of hip hop and R&B during her beginnings was that crisp, fresh air of smooth speaking realness we could all relate to. Her voice has the vigor to break any emotional walls. Step into the waters of Mary and let her fluent river of true emotion keep you diving deep. She had that feminine swag that dominated our hearts in experiencing some absolute truths. Her music was part of a whirlpool of music that had all us ladies transferred to the stage in our minds as we attempted to belt out her powerful tunes. “You Remind Me'” was that head bopping, hip moving jam that epitomized the soul of the 90’s. You remind me, Mary of the authentic sweetness of a true musical gem.

This track of hers is also capturing my ears tonight. Can’t get enough of Mary.